Refund Policy:

Imparting right knowledge to everyone which actually adds value to their life is our prime objective. 

The Course has been structured in such a way that everyone irrespective of prior experience will be able to make best use of all the knowledge, resources and techniques provided in the Courseware.

This is our 4th year of Online training and mentoring with our path breaking Study modules.

Since our Courses and services are delivered Digitally. We have no policy of Full Refund as such.

Also in Education and Training Services there is limited scope for refund of Course fee.

But we do have provision of Refund of Course Fees in exceptional cases  - Wherein Customer claims that the techniques and strategies are not workable and that s/he's not able to implement it practically in any way even after going through the personal training  & mentoring via Call/WhatsApp/SMS. After duly verifying the claims via contract notes and trading results, we will promptly initiate the refund of fees. 

The refund provided is upto 100 % of fee depending on the satisfactory level of customer based on course content & services. The satisfactory level is decided by the customer.  They themselves decide what percentage of course fee they want as Refund.

Refund policy is applicable for the 180 days starting from the registration date of the course. 

We would like to provide everyone a stress-free learning experience. 

For any services & refund related matters mail to care [a] with Details of payment specifying the reasons for the same.

-  Deepak Niranjan (WhastsApp: 7030290174)

Founder & Mentor 

Tradvantage Academy

(A Unit of Procyon Tech Ventures OPC Pvt Ltd)